NW 4.2 sp9, BM 3.5 sp3

Fresh install of server and BM. When I go into BM setup through
NWadmin32 I get an error message about the client vpn license is too
old, and if I'm not going to use this service, to delete it using the
"NDS Browser". There is no Client VPN license object in my tree, never
was. I don't need this service, this box is strictly going to be for
proxy services. I'm also getting a 403 error for every page. Access
rules are set to not be enforced, but to be safe I created a rule to
allow all ports. I suspect this 403 error is due to the client vpn
license issue but I don't know how to fix it since the directions from
novell are to delete the object, but it doesn't exist.

Tim Hautzinger
Network Admin
Elk Island Catholic School District