If you look at http://forums.novell.com you'll see we've brought back the BrainShare forum (also on NNTP). Thought I would tell all you irregulars that are regular...wait...that didn't come out right....hold on...that made it even worse....well Kim, stop digging yourself into a hole....anyway..... I was *hoping* that some of you kind folks here would help me start discussions over there.

For example: If someone started an "advice for BS beginners" type of a thread, I can make that "sticky" in the web interface so it's always on top and new folks can readily find it. The nice thing about this is that anyone can keep contributing to the thread so we'll have a nice thread for advice for the newbies. Stuff like that.

Anyway, hope you see you over there (as the cupboard looks kind of bare right now......)