According to the Brainshare session Introductions, Overviews & Futures

titled "IO149 Novell BorderManager: What's New and Beyond"

At page 7 it says:

What Novell BorderManager Is Not (or no longer is)

Enterprise Reverse Proxy
Enterprise Cache Appliance
IP Gateway

My question is: "what this means, is the features of reverse proxy

in the BM 3.8 and will it be supported in future version?"

Can somebody clarify these sentence?

And last be less important; will the NIAS still be supported.

We are using NIAS (and Netware Connect at first) for dial-up to our
and it works great. Since the password is integrated in the NDS, it
shines vs a separated box.

Why would Novell drop NIAS? It's reliable and it's included in all
other major operating system.