For some time ago we bought a D-Link DUB-E100 to test it with computers with network adapters not supported with the current release of bootcd. The problem was that the adapter was lacking support in the bootcd.

Today i managed to compile a driver and insert it to the latest bootcd (ZEN7SP1IR3a_HP1-November_08.zip).

I have seen some notes about people can't find the source for the latest ZEN kernel ( so they can compile their own drivers.

But there is an easy solution. Just download SLES-10-SP2-DVD-i386-GM-DVD1.iso. Install it as virtual server or directly on a computer. Most important of, don't upgrade the kernel. Add the kernelsource and use the default kernel settings.

I had to disable the onboard network adapter and load the drivers manually because the nic on the computer was supported.

The driver worked fine, on a old 2.4Ghz IBM, it took about 17 min with a 2 Gb image.

And if someone that makes the "real" zenworks bootcd reads this, please add the latest asix driver(AX88772_772A_178_LINUX2.6.14_REV105.zip) to the CD instead of the one that is used. The one that is used doesn't support the B1 revision of the DUB-E100 and probably other new adapters from based on the asix chip.

Best wishes!