Hello everybody.

On a test Windows XP Professional (32bit) + Service Pack 3 I installed
ZENWorks Asset Management 7.5 (updated as of yesterday).

On that box I repeatedly installed and remove ZAM without problems and I
was able to use it successfully for test purpose.

Yesterday I started a new install from scratch and all went fine; I was
able to deploy the ZAM client to a couple of network PCs using the
Remote Client Install.

Then, I had a "fault screen" while I was not doing anything on the tool
which I was not able to document (such a a General Protection Fault or
something like that).

The Remote Install Tool closed as I was returned to the manager.

I started again the tool, I was able to browse the network but I was not
able to add PCs to the right-pane list.

I tried by dragging & dropping them but the install list remained empty;
I tried by adding one by hand (either by its name or IP) but still the
list was empty.

Since it was a test installation, I *completely* remove the ZAM software
and reinstalled it from scratch but still had the same issue.

Apart from that, the software is running fine but I do like to continue
using the Remote Install Tool.

I think that perhaps something got screwed in Windows but I'm not able
to find the reason.

On the XP machine is installed the Norman Security Suite (antivirus &
firewall) which I turned off but things did not change.

Before reinstalling XP from a backup image, I'd like to know the opinion
of the group.