One of the issues in ZPM (standalone--even if you buy Lumension) is that
if you schedule a patch and then need to "adjust" it (ie, cancel it or
change the settings) you cannot.

Well, you CAN, but you either have to manually edit the SQL database or
literally go into the web-based GUI and adjust each MACHINE (even if you
deployed to a group).

Does ZCM have this issue?

We were able to determine the reason for the issue is that even though
you have "groups" in ZPM, when you deploy, it basically finds the
individual workstations in that group (at that point in time) and
deploys individually to those machines.

Since ZCM can integrate with eDir/AD, I was wondering if it was able to
"pass along" this inheritence (like in ZEN I can assign NAL objects to
an eDir container and it doesn't matter if someonen leaves or gets
added, the container inheritance will properly apply).

Am I making sense?