We have ZEN 7 Suite
We also have ZPM

We have not yet implemented/upgraded to ZCM

The ZPM licensing is obviously handled differently than ZfD (diff. SKU,

If/when we decide to use ZCM AND if/when we decide to use the ZPM
portion of ZCM, can we run both ZPM and ZCM/ZPM at the same time?

I don't mean having both agents on the PC (that would be less than
desirable for performance)

What I mean is, it's going to take some time to convert everyone over to

So does the serial # from ZPM "translate/work" with the ZPM that's in
the ZCM product?

Or does it mean we have to pay for two subscriptions while we cutover?

Or use the "temp" one and hope we get it done in 60 days (which I can
assure you will NOT happen.)

I'd ask our sales reps, but we have none. It's been almost 2 years
since the last MLA rep left and the new one (supposedly new one) has
never called or shown his face around here (or any of the other

Of course, when Novell wants its audit, then we get a contact and are
expected to jump and get numbers right away.