I have a situation going where I am trying to decommission a server that used to hold replicas of all partitions in the tree. I've already removed all replicas, but the NDPS Manager object is still doing a bunch of referrals through this server. When I stopped ndsd yesterday, both of our print servers went into a tizzy and even a restart of the print servers didn't fix it. They were unhappy until I restarted the ndsd they wanted to talk to.

The (former) replica holder is linux based The print servers are netware based sp7. When I look at dstrace on the print servers, I don't see them sending any RSLV traffic to this replica holder. On the replica holder I see this repeatedly:

1695173552 AREQ: [2008/12/05 10:27:21.797] Calling DSAReadObjectInfo conn:9 for client .PRTMGRA.PRINTING.X.X.
1682578352 AREQ: [2008/12/05 10:27:21.808] Calling DSAReadObjectInfo conn:9 for client .PRTMGRA.PRINTING.X.X.

I can't find anywhere in NDPS configuration that a server gets specified. Any ideas how I get NDPS to quit talking to this server?