I vaguely remember a long time ago having to edit the linux files so
that it would use DMA and there was something about gigabit network card
settings and SATA support?

I've got the latest (the 11/2008) bootcd.iso files

I'm creating an image from a Dell Optiplex GX-280

It has a gigabit NIC and we have gigabit switches (I've never seen auto-
negotiate fail when both ends are gigabit).

But it's taking 60 minutes to write 12.5 GB image to the ZEN server
(it's an HP BL-460c with dual Xeon CPU core, 4 GB RAM and it's just
sitting there not doing anything other than this ONE image I'm doing).

I'm not using multi-cast at this point.

We're in a switched VLAN environment (hence no PXE as I've gotta
coordinate with the datacom and Solaris folks who run the DHCP server).

I'm not 100% sure what the code on the ZEN server is.

Oh, it's NetWare 6.5 SP6 and post patches and ZEN 7 SP1 (at least). Or
so I think.

Do I still need to edit the linux stuff for DMA and all that? (I hope
Novell would've fixed this since the 1 or 2 years ago that I vaguely
remember tweaking things).