I have a test server I just installed. It has SLES SP2 and OES2 SP1 installed.
I have one workstation with Novell client 4.91 SP5 installed.

I can ping the server from the workstation by its IP address but not its name.
I can ping at the server in the terminal by both the IP address and name.

I can get into iManager and Remote manager by useing the IP address.

When the login box is displayed and I attempt to find the tree from the advanced button the tree isn't found. I temporarily connected the workstation to the production network and it can find the tree.

I have setup both DNS and DHCP on the server. The DNS and DHCP services are running but appear to be not functioning. The workstation dosen't get a IP address from the server. When I use nslookup, when the IP config is statically configured, the DNS server can't be found.

Please note that I am testing Netware-L (OES) to migrate existing Netware 6.5-N to Netware-L.

While in iManager I can Create/Delete objects.

Also, I installed the DNSDHCP manager on the workstation and it can't find the tree neither.

What can I check to get the workstation to see the server/tree and the DNS/DHCP working?


Ken S.