We map drives for users based on group membership. We universally map J: to each users' primary group folder location on a Netware 6.5.5 server. Some users may have multiple mappings during logon.

I recently setup IDM 3.6 and migrated just our staff container of users to AD to have a mirrored synchronization between both directory services. After the migration I have a random numbers of staff each day complain they can't access their J: drives on the Netware file server. Since the J: mapping is relative to each user, I can't find anything in common. I did NOT migrate our Faculty to AD and none of the Faculty are complaining. We're doing NOTHING with AD User/Computer/Group management within Windows. All management is strictly done using C1 to affect the edir tree.

It's not pandemic amongst staff here, only random people occassionally throughout the day. When a staff member with the problem logs on with his/her 4.91 SP4 client, he/she receives the folowing error:

LOGIN-LGNWNT32.DLL-430: The following drive mapping operation could not be completed. [ROOT J:=".Cluster_Groups.Cluster.Servers.FS:\Labs Support"] The error code was 8804.

I recognize 8804 as a common rights related error. I simply remove the user from the group that has been granted rights to that person's "J" drive, apply the change, add him/her right back to the group, and have the user logon again. Problem solved, but for 1200 users, it's an awfully dirty solution.

I haven't had our file server cluster experience any cluster migrations in months. All I can figure is the IDM migration caused some sort of rights issue, but how can I tell? At the time the problem exists for a user I can verify in C1 that in every case the user IS STILL a member of the group that entitles them to the access they require...In most cases numerous people have a J: drive in common, but only one or two are unable to view the mapping from My Computer, nor see it when they attempt to access the location via a UNC path.

Can I somehow universally refresh group membership assignments?