I know Teaming has email functionality, but we want to avoid it for now. We already have a NetMail system for email and want to integrate NetMail into Teaming. Is there a portlet or method to add external email into Teaming?

For example, our current solution uses IMAP to display the 5 most recent emails on the page. Clicking on those five will open natively in the portal page. However, clicking the the main email link opens NetMail in a new window. It also passes the username and password so NetMail opens without needing another set of credentials (both usernames and passwords are the same since both systems use LDAP).

I am newer than a newbie on Teaming, so any advice on which direction I should take would be extremely helpful. Advice like "write a portlet to..." will just fly over my head. I would hope the solution is easier than developing my own solution.... Doesn't anyone do something similar?

Even advice for passing credentials from Teaming to something else would be very helpful. Are there active variables within Teaming that I can use?