NW 4.2 sp9 , BM 3.5 sp3
I'm using a BM box as a simple proxy server for a school that's on a
poor link. I have public NIC with an address of connected
to a CISCO switch in turn connected to a CISCO router with an IP
address of (Gateway) on the other side of the router is my
mail server at My private address is and all of
my hosts on the private side fall within this class c address range.
Also connected to the switch is a server with an address of B). From the BM box I can ping the gateway, and I
can ping server B, I can ping the mail server, and any real world
From a 192.x.x.x address I can ping the BM box, the public NIC,
server B, and the gateway but I can't ping past the gateway.
However if my users web proxy to the BM box they surf fine.
No filters are running.
I have the identical setup at another school and it works as
advertised. (I guess it's not identical)
I'm thinking the problem lies within my router. A rule for masqueraded
addresses I suppose but I can't figure it out.