This is kinda in response 'Goodbye Groupwise', but I didn't want to
hijack that post as it's not in direct response to the topic. Awe
shucks maw, I had me a moment of niceness. :P

I've been evaluating Exchange, Groupwise, and a few other option for the
place I work at. I spent some time talking to Microsoft about Exchange
licensing and this is what I gathered from those conversations. I won't
promise you that I understood correctly.

Basically the only thing I told them was that we want high availability,
the ability to run Exchange in a virtual environment, a web interface,
and that we have 50 connected devices and 100 e-mail accounts. And
here's what they suggested.

1 Server for each role plus a domain controller. Total of six servers
which the rep actually said we could get by with three. Two exchange
servers plus the domain controller. For high availability that turns
into six total servers all running Windows 2008 Enterprise. And of
course the hardware has to be 64bit. I was told VMware would work, but
haven't really checked into that yet.

I was told that I would need 50 Windows Server CALS for each server.
Which ends up being a total of 300 Windows Server CALS for 50 user
(unless I misunderstood the requirements).

For Exchange I would need at least two licenses for high availability.
50 Exchange CALS for each server group or 100 total Exchange CALS, plus
50 Exchange Enterprise CALS for each server group or 100 total Exchange
Enterprise CALS. (I'm not real sure why we would need the Enterprise
CALS though. We aren't going to be using unified messaging or anything
that's covered under the Ent License unless it's required for HA.)

So the total for us to get started with under those conditions would be
just shy of $41,000 and that includes no hardware or virtualization
licensing or Outlook licensing (although admittedly Outlook licensing is
taken care of with Office purchase or through the web interface).

For Groupwise 8... $13,000 for 100 users and 1 year of SA. That
includes the server OS and eDirectory. To my understanding I could
install GW on 2 servers for high availability at no extra cost and I
could install another server for web interface. For that matter I could
break it all down into more pieces with no extra cost involved. So for
the four server Exchange would be on GW would still only cost me the

That is my understanding. If I'm wrong on any part of this please feel
free to correct me. I'm still trying to understand all the licensing facts.
Matthew - The Great System Tyrant