Hey folks,

My first post to the Novell forum and I'll admin I'm rather new to administering Novell GroupWise at an enterprise level. Here's my situation:

I have approximately 10,000 users
Currently there are NO mailbox size limitations enforced
I'm running ConsoleOne Version 1.3.6e
My clients are all (with exception of a small number) are using the GW client V8 installed on their workstations

As our organization is looking to enforce a size limitation on mailboxes, I've been asked if this can be done in a simpler manner than enforcing it for the whole system/domain/post office/etc. Basically, we are wondering if it's possible to have it enforced when a user's account is added to a distribution list or some sort of group membership.

I'm looking for some creative suggestions here that would essentially allow me to set a policy for my GW system and once an account becomes member of this system the mailbox size limitation becomes enforced.

I've done some preliminary testing in GroupWise but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to enforce such a limitation except at the main object levels (e.g. post office/user, etc.)

Any help is greatly appreciated,

Brian McGinn (BScCS)