I want to migrate data from volume DATA to /media/nss/DATA.
Source server is Netware6.5 SP7 and target server is

When I use the "Novell Migration Tools" of OES2-SP1, then
I receive the following error in the log file:

"ERROR - FILESYSTEM:migfiles:Error: nbackup: Failed to
restore /media/nss/DATA/home/test/

ERROR - FILESYSTEM:migfiles:Error: nbackup: Received error:
0xfffdffcc ((libtsafs.so 6.50.0 207) A file cannot be opened.)
from NWSMTSWriteDataSet

WARN - FILESYSTEM:migfiles:Warning: tsafs on source x
is not latest. Please update it ot latest"
==> result: no data migrated.

I checked the version of tsafs.nlm on the Netware 6.5 SP7
server: 6.53.01 - 27 May 2008. This is the latest version - I think

Any ideas, how to migrate the data correctly?