Running ZCM and the current patch is being pushed out..

Windows 2003 network with AD as my user source.

I have close to 50 machines in labs and such testing Zen before I fully deploy. I've noticed that any users that log onto these machines have log files in their home directory. The files repeat these lines over and over..
[LNT]: Trying PhysicalDrive 0
[GDGNT]: returning 1
[LNT]: Reading from \\.\PhysicalDrive0:sector 5
[LNT]: ISD read successfully
[LNT]: returning 0
[isdRD]: returning 0
[ziRD]: hddVer: 1 iAmtVer 0
[ziRD]: User hdd ISD
[ziI]: started

My users are students and teachers, they tend to freak out when something is different in their files. Can I stop Zen from leaving behind logs like this in their home folders?