since a few months we get some Problem with a backup-pool.
We sync some files from a windows terminalserver to netware 6.5 SP7.

The filesize is all around 18gb. The volume space is around 55gb.
The Rsync is daily running

The intention is, to save the last 2 days. So there's no more than 40gb.

But if rsync's runnig more than 2 weeks, netware response, that volume is out of diskspace. If I'm controlling volume by nssmu it says, that 0 bytes are free. But all files on volume are not more than 40gb.

Then we've to rebuild the pool, using NSS /poorebuild={Poolname}.

After the rebuild has finished nssmu tells that 15gb are available and 40 are used.

Does anybody knows howto solve this problem?

Thanks for help.