Hi all.

My office of about 40 users has been having intermittent login issues
over the past several weeks and I have been unable to find the cause.

We have two netware 6.0 sbe servers in a single tree. The clients are
mostly 4.9 sp1 or 2 and they have been that way for well over a year
with out any issues. I have upgraded several clients to 4.91 sp5 to see
if they make a difference but those users experience the same issues as
everyone else.

The symptoms are mostly Tree or Server not found errors and drive
mappings not mapping to one or both servers (with no error messages).
Occaisionally there are login windows that re-appear again and again
until the user reboots.

Clicking on the Servers button in the Advanced window, a user can find
the server, but then try to login and they get the Tree of Server not
found again.

My workstation seems to do this consistently the last few days. I
changed the server name to the IP address of the server and I can login
reliably. From all I have read this points to an SLP issue but I have
never had SLP configured in this office so why would that cause problems

Something else I have noticed on the machines when they have login
problems is that the event viewer shows a warning dhcp (dhcp service is
configured and running on my primary server) that the workstation was
unable to renew it's ip address because the semaphore timeout period has
expired and then an eror that the workstation has lost it's ip address.

I updated tcp to the latest for Netware 6 and this has made no

The only thing I can think of that has changed on my network in the last
6 months is my secondary server had a hard drive crash and I had to
rebuild it with a new drive and restore from backup after removing the
crashed server from the tree and installing Netware 6 again. We did have
a licensing issue after this incident but I was able to solve that (with
help from these forums).

Thanks for any help or information that anybody can give me.
Scott Schaffer

Scott Schaffer
Olive Waller Zinkhan & Waller