I'm preparing a NW6.5 server as the Target for a Migration.
I ran into a scheduling problem, with this server, so had to
blow-away the configuration to make it a different planned

Ok. After re-initializing the RAID 1 (removing our SYS volume),
I tried booting from our NW6.5 SP6 CD and switching
over to our NW6.5 SP7 CD . . . like I did on a prior install
which worked. [TID 7000096 - "How to install NW65SP7 with
eDirectory 8.7.3" . . . which, incidently, I'm not seeing in
Novell's Knowledgebase, now.]

When I "ESC" to the menu and select the "I" (Install) option,
with the SP7 CD, it runs for a minutes, or so, and then reports
the following Errors: "1286" . . . (then) "1354".

I've burned another CD in case their was a problem with it,
but the same errors appeared.

I haven't found any details on what these Errors represent
and don't know how to proceed . . . could this be driver related?,
hardware? . . . .

Any help would be appreciated.