We are having trouble installing a new DSFW server in our production Tree.

A previous installation was aborted (server hang --> corrupt), and we cleaned the tree as best as we could. Replica's where screwed up; dsfw tries to create a new partition in the 'Configuration' container. But we fixed that.

And now, a fresh installation is giving trouble, and is spitting out errors:


>>> Computing effective ACLs
>>> Configuring default ACLs and NMAS password policies
ldap_modify: Type or value exists (20)
additional info: NDS error: duplicate value (-614)
modifying entry "CN=Policies.CN=System,O=VEDA"

make: *** [nds_import_nds_domain] Error 20


We had some more of this -614 errors, but where able to fix those.
Now we are stuck at this one, and dont know what to do next.