not really a BM question, but I thought maybe you guys could help.
changed ISPs, and we've been having problems; some have to do with the
ISPs connection, but others seem internal.

the physical network is fairly straight-forward, and hasn't changed
for the new isp's router. that connects to a hub; also into this hub
is an
ftp server, the bordermanager's public interface, and a webserver.
surfing from our internal lan (through bordermanager) seems fine. but

accessing the servers on this same "dmz" hub is very very slow. I
think it has to do with bordermanager, because as a test, I connected
laptop directly to this same hub, assigned it one of our new public IP

addresses (complete w/ proper dns info, etc). Still, accessing the
server and ftp server on the same hub is very slow. Ping is
fast...but web
and ftp are slow. HOWEVER...if you get out on the internet through adial-up connection to a different isp, through a completely different
and access these servers from the outside, they seem fine. Its
much faster accessing these servers via dial-up than it is through a
hub. (I also double checked all the cabling, looking for speed/duplex

mismatches....none). all the hardware is exactly the same as when weconnected to our old isp through a cisco router and t-1 line. can't
this out....any ideas?