My 3-year-old Motorola clam-style phone is starting to irritate me. It's starting to reboot when I open answer calls, and once in a while it will just turn itself off when there's still lots of battery life left. The last time this happened (just over 2 years ago) the tech dudes at US Cellular (whose motto is "We don't CARE what phones you want, but you can use them ANYWHERE!") made me surrender my phone for a week while they sent it in for a very minor software upgrade. In the process of transferring the contact list they managed to lose almost 10% of them!

Since my current phone is no longer under warranty and the battery life is starting to get short, I'm trying to decide between these two models.

I like the Blackberry a bit more, but my concern is the trackball navigator. I've been working with mice and trackballs long enough to know that they get gunked up, and I don't have any way of cleaning it.

What are your thoughts and experiences with either (or both) of these phones?

(No, I'm not going to change carriers because they're the only ones with decent coverage out in the boonies where I live)