I am researching a project for my company. I want to connect my 5
offices [Mansfield, OH; Pittsburgh, PA; Allentown, PA; Lancaster, PA;

Pembroke Pines, FL] to our Corporate office [Huntington Station, Long

Island, NY]. We are a Home Health Care provider and as such have to
with HIPAA requirements.

Each branch office has a LAN with a Novell NetWare 4.11 server for
and print services. There is no internet access except via dialup
and AOL accounts. When Corp needs data from each branch office, we
use PCAnywhere to dial into a dedicated PC at each branch. Each branch
running its own copy of a time/billing software package.

We are looking into replacing the current DOS based time/billing
package at each site with a Windows based app that will be hosted at
We want to connect each of the branch offices to Corp so that Corp can

serve them all their apps via Citrix.

I also want to connect my remote users to their branch office, so that

they can access the same apps.

At Corp office, our Data Center consists of:
1 - Novell NetWare 4.11 server
3 - NT4.0 app servers
2 - W2k servers [Primary and backup for DNS, DHCP]

My questions are...

1. Can I load BorderManager 3.7 on the current Novell NetWare 4.11
that is located at each branch office? or do I have to load it on NW6
another server?
2. How easy is BorderManager to work with? And is it the only thing I
need to connect my remote users to their branch offices?
3. Can anyone recommend any websites, reading to help me implement
BorderManager or another VPN solution?

Thanks in advance...Rich