Due to dissatisfaction with our current Internet connection we are
considering getting a 2nd connection (512/256 ADSL) to help relieve
issues until we can get them sorted out over the existing connection.
We are comtemplating something along the lines of using the 2nd
for iFolder and/or NetStorage services (initially with only a few
These services are currently running on the only NW6 server in our
environment which is also running BM37SP?. All files accessed throughNetStorage are on other servers within the LAN except the iFolder
files. To
lower the processing load we are going to use a hardware firewall on

Our existing connection will be used for web browsing and we would
like to
make sure that no attempt is made to by the server to use the second
for browsing.

As a follow on from this is it possible to specify different contexts
users to use a different Internet connection?

Are there any (there's bound to be some) security issues running the
described above and what steps would I need to take?

Finally, ANY advice on running a 2 connection setup is greatly

Thanks in advance.