Greetings all:

I have three servers NW 6.5 SP 7 with the lastest iprint patch applied that have started receiving the following error message:

NDPSJPMComm failed on Printer Agent <insert name>
Error: 'UNKNOWN_ERROR' (-663)
Opcode: JPM_OP_SET_ATTRIBUTE_SET (1397769294)

I have researched the issue in the TIDs and on the forums and have found that this is possibly an issue with a locked DS. The issue seems to occur around midnight. Any ideas what could be trying to write to DS when no one is using the network.

My client swears that when he has seen these errors in the past, his users then experience printing issues so he has been restarting the servers every morning. We have other servers on the network that are at the same patch level and are not experiencing the problem.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.