OK. I have an abend log to share as well as the IML information.

CPQIML is on has been pointing at LIBNSS.NLM and ZLSS.NLM for over a week. Now TAPESERVER.NLM is mentioned. I remmed TAPESERV in autoexec to stop the load. LIBNSS and ZLSS are at version 3.26 14 Sept 2007.

Andrew made a suggestion in another thread to disable ASR (tempting).

I am planning firmware update(DL380 G3) and a move to SP7 the day after class finals and the computer lab is closed. It abends once or twice during the day.

Also fighting a timesync issue. Bounced timesync.nlm and ran dsrepair until 0 errors on local servers. WAN servers not involved yet. Not sure if abends coincide the daylight savings time ??