Okay I've only done this twice in a test lab, but here goes:

Source: NW 6.5 SP7 with post patches. Source server also had eDir and held R/W replicas of all partitions in the tree (58 replicas). Source only had SYS volume.

Destination was OES2 SP1 Linux with just NSS, eDir, SMS, iMangler installed (ie, no iPrint, NetStorage, QuickFinder, ifolder, etc.)

First attempt at ID Transfer said the pre-reqs had minor errors, but showed green. However, the next step in the transfer failed and gave -741 errors and would NOT correctly back out the changes (ie, it removed DS from the OES2 SP1 server and would not "back out" the changes so even though you could click the back button to retry, it would fail because there's no eDir on the server anymore).

Fortunately this was in vmware and I'd snapshotted the shut off servers, so it was easy to revert to the previous state.

Second time around, I noticed that even though the pre-check was all green, it complained about embox not being running on the SOURCE server. I loaded EMBOX and then everything seemed to go okay. I do not see EMBOX being a listed requirement in the documentation, so I am unsure if the first attempt failed because EMBOX wasn't loaded or if it was just a fluke.

Also, in both cases, if you attempt JUST an ID transfer, you will receive a warning message stating that the process will ultimately fail unless you ALSO migrate a service. Since I have nothing to migrate, I chose to "Migrate" NTP just to make it happy. Again, I don't see anything in the docs that state you are REQUIRED to migrate a service for an ID transfer (ie, edir/IP/hostname transfer only).

After transfer, (which went all green the second time), I noticed that:

a) could no longer login to NRM as the Admin account on the OES2 SP1 Linux server, whereas I could do that before
b) One of the R/W replicas for the Security Container magically changed to be a Subordinate replica. I was able to use iMangler to add a R/W replica to it.