I have a strange problem that just cropped up on one of my client machines. It is a laptop using a docking station. This problem shows up whether it is docked or not, so I don't believe it is related to the docking station in any way.

The Client version is 4.91 SP4 and server is Netware 6.5 SP7

The problem I am having is this. The user lost access to a group of shortcuts which previously worked. They are UNC shortcuts to a directory on different network volumes over several servers throughout my organization.

Logging into the machine works fine, mapped drives hve no issues and show their contents correctly.

Whenever I click on "My Network Places" and go through Novell Connections to a server, then into a Volume (any volume, even SYS) they are completely empty. If I map a drive to the root of a vloume that shows up as empty, the mapped drive I create displays the contents of the Volume correctly. I don't believe it is a rights issue since I the contents show up when I map it.

I have tried the following fixes to no avail :

1) Tried browsing to the Server Object first, then into the Volume. Also tried right clicking and using "Authenticate to Server" and logging in as Admin.

2) Logged directly into that server with admin rights, browsed to the volume in different ways.

3) Uninstalled the Novell Client, re-installed with different options such as using both IPX and IP at the same time, as well as IP or IPX only.

Other machines even on the same switch have no problems whatsoever, it is isolated to just this single machine. Any help you can give me would be very much appreciated.