I set up a test of DST with an old server where we had copied all the data
off and I attached an iSCSI volume and ran a policy to move anything that
hadn't been modified in 6 months. When I mapped a drive to the volume I
get messages regarding a duplicate file name. The log tells me of a
duplicate file that cannot be renamed. The file naem is "Icon". When I
look on the volume and view hidden file it is there. It cannot be deleted
from a workstation nor can it be deleted on the server itself. The file
name listed in GUI tools is "Icon" the command line view show a file name
of "Icon?". When an attempt is made to delete the file "Icon" is attmpted
(via command line) the result is the file does not exist. When tryong to
delete (again via command line) "Icon?" I get "'Icon\r' : Permission

How do I get rid of this file?

The volume is NSS, formerly attached to a NetWare server now mounted on an
OES 2 Linux server.