I received this position announcement from a contracting agency. If
interested, let me know and I will hook you up with them.

Position: Novell Administrator

Duration: 6 months

Location: Seattle, WA

- NetWare administration for NetWare 6.5, including Novell
Clustering Service. All but one of our NetWare servers are in clusters.

- ZENworks 4 management (for existing infrastructure). Be
able to make and troubleshoot new application packages and maintain
existing packages.

- ZENworks 10 - This is what we are migrating to for
application deployment. They have a lead that is working on
converting their existing application objects to .MSI for ZEN10. We
need a major Server Administration presence in this process. With
the way we are dividing up the tasks, Server Administration has the
primary responsibility for the ZEN infrastructure and configuration.
The SIM group has the primary responsibility for building .MSI packages
and converting ZEN4 objects to .MSIs for ZEN10. There is a lot of
overlapping in skill sets required for this project, so being
experienced in Admin Studio and .MSI package creation would be a huge

- GroupWise administration experience. We need help with
day-to-day GroupWise management.

- General NetWare, Windows troubleshooting/management/support
experience. SuSE Linux administration is a plus. SuSE Linux is the
direction we are moving the NetWare infrastructure to. We need help
in covering the daily HEAT trouble tickets and in keeping the existing
infrastructure going.

- NetWare and Linux clustering, using an IBM SAN for storage.
One of the major projects for 2009 will be migrating our NetWare
clusters to OES Linux clusters on a new SAN.

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