Some minor points I came across when I did the NW65SP8 upgrade (was running
NW65SP7 fully patched and eDir 8.8 SP2 FTF2 prior):

1) The SP install added the following lines to the end of my AUTOEXEC.NCF
SEARCH ADD SYS:\tomcat\5.0\bin

But they basically already existed already further up in the AUTOEXEC.NCF
file as:
SEARCH ADD SYS:/tomcat/5.0/bin

I think it caused Tomcat5 a problem as I had to stop and start it to use
iManager. I ended up commenting out the newly added lines, and after the
next server restart there were no issues with iManager.

2) The following line was added to the top of the AUTOEXEC.NCF file:
SEARCH ADD SYS:\ni\update\bin

But it already existed verbatim elsewhere in the file... not sure why it did
this then.

3) The notes say that the backup should take about 300MB if you chose this
option, on my server it took more like 850MB! An important point for people
who have SYS volumes that are borderline on space...

Will post any other issues I come across.