I have a NetWare 6.5, GroupWise 6.5 and ZENworks 6.5 environment. Remote users can access the date and applications through a Win2K Citrix XP server. The Novell Client, NAL and policies are implemented so the users have the same environment as if they were at the office.

I’m planning an update of my “old” Citrix server to a Windows 2008 TS environment (with new hardware) and I have some questions about the consequences for the Novell products:

1. ZENWorks (6.5.2) policies and NAL will not be supported on Windows 2008 TS as far as I know?
2. There is currently no specific Novell Client for Windows 2008 but the Vista Client will work as far as I understand. I need this client to authenticate to eDir for file access etc. Or can I skip the Novel Client and make use of a MS client for eDir (if exist???)
3. Office 2000 “should” run on Windows 2008, but has anyone experience with this?
4. Will GroupWise 6.5.7 run on a Windows 2008 TS environment?

Thanks a lot!

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