i'm doing new Storage manager installation on windows domain. Engine is
installed on member server and I installed sentinels on two domain
controllers. One of those is working when other one not.

I tried to unintall/reintall sentinel but problem stays.

Service is start fine but after that it start to give errors:

event: Novell Storage Manager Sentinel : Initialization completed
event: NSMSentinel Watch Dog Monitor: CRC32GenerateToken() returned 71
after CRC32 was updated.
event: NSMSentinel Watch Dog Monitor: No valid g_hCRC32 token. Unable
to perform impersonation tasks at this time!
event: NSMSentinel Watch Dog Monitor: "Log Manager" thread createed.
event: NSMSentinel EventMonitorDirSync() - Failed to obtain
impersonation token for Proxy account.

Any idea what is (not) happening?


Petri Asikainen