Hi together, please help!

We have two physical Nodes (NW6.5Sp7) (CLUSTER1N1 (with volume SYS), CLUSTER1N2 (with volume SYS))in the Netware Cluster and we run only two logical Servers (NW6.5Sp7) (Newton (with volumes VOL1 and VOL3), Merkur (wit volume VOLGW)) in the Cluster. ("Merkur" is our Groupwise Server)

First i installed one "iDataAgent for Netware"on each physical Node on volume SYS(CLUSTER1N1 and CLUSTER1N2). Ongoing i installed one "iDataAgent for Netware" on each logical Server, on Newton on volume VOL3 and on Merkur on volume VOLGW. Additional i installed the iDataAgent for Groupwise Database".
Logical server "Newton" is assigned on "CLUSTER1N1" and logical server "Merkur" is assigned on "CLUSTER1N2".

ERROR1: I tried to install the Service Pack 4 on the iDataAgent on the logical Server Merkur and get the Info "Virtual Servers are not supported". (see attached file "SP4 on logical server.jpg")

ERROR2: "Browsing content for SubClient" on CLUSTER1N1 i see the volume of CLUSTER1N1 and one of the volume of the virtual server "Newton", on the virtual server Newton the "Browsing content Tab" show me only the volume VOL3. (see attached files "volumes newton.jpg" and "volumes cluster1n1.jpg)

ERROR3: I have to install the "iDataAgent for Groupwise Database" on the physical Node CLUSTER1N2 and not on the logical Server Merkur, is that right?

ERROR4: When i try to backup volume VOL1 (one of the volume from the logical server Newton) on physical Node CLUSTER1N1 than the job start the Threat "SCAN" but the Threat "BACKUP" won't start and the job is "pending". I get the following message as reason for job delay: A failure occurred when creating the archive on the MediaAgent. (see attached file "backup threat.jpg")

ERROR5: Every job to backup the physical Nodes end in pending job with the same message: A failure occurred when creating the archive on the MediaAgent.

Thank you for help to find solutions for the problems!

Greetings from Germany