The majority of our data is fronted by Netware servers attached via Fiber to a traditional SAN.

Those servers use NSS volumes w/salvage and compression to serve up data to users with a variety of data. As part of a storage upgrade project I'm tasked with determining just how much data we have out there. This is where compression and salvage figures confuse me.

From my observations, it would appear that when you view volume statistics in ConsoleOne, that the "compressed files" field, also includes compressed files that are currently in salvage. Therefore, when I take the difference in the two compression numbers (compressed size and expanded size) and add that back to "used space" to determine true usage, its not an accurate figure because if any purgeable data is included, it skews those numbers. So... how do I get accurate information, without purging the volumes.

For reference, I am attaching two screenshots, which in this volume are a bit of an extreme example, but good for this discussion.