Hi. I was wondering if someone out here could help me decide the best
configuration for my situation.
We're on BM 3.7SP1 and we're just using it for proxy/cache and
groupwise webaccess. We have 3 vlans and a cisco switch as the default gateway
for all 3. The cisco's default gateway is the BM box. The BM box then
points to a cisco PIX firewall and out to the internet.
We want to block 2 of the vlans from accessing the internet....and
have, but at a price. (Dun dun duuuuuun). We had the BM server set up as a
router (in inetcfg), but had to change it to end node as some 'savvy'
users were removing the proxy settings in IE and going straight out to
the internet. Now, though, some applications (like the groupwise
newsreader I'm using right now) can't access the internet at all (I had to
reconfiguremy system to get this message out.....it all sounds so sinister,
doesn't it).
Anyway, can anyone out there tell me the best way to configure this?
99% of it's working, but it's that last 1% that's a b@*#%.
Thanks for your help

David Browne