We're getting a new stove. The FiL has given us Christmas funds sufficient
to go most of the way to get a new appliance, and stove is what we're
going for. THe outgoing appliance is a Kennmore electric range, and the
incoming one is a KitchenAid gas range.

We have LP at our house. And the gas-line behind the stove does NOT have a
cut-off valve on it.


It needs one.

I know where in town to get one.

But, there is this fear of blowing things up. The way I figure it, I'll
shut off the supply at the tank and watch the water heater pilot until it
flickers out. Then I'll close that line. In theory, the line should be
depressurized by that point, and it'd be safe to uncap the kitchen
gas-line, and install the cut-off valve.

Turning everything back on may get interesting.

Is this something that's easilly DIY, or are we into professional land?

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