I need some help in creating a cron job to backup edirectory. Here is
what I have done. FYI, I have SLES 10.1 and OES2.

I have tried to follow the instructions at

First created a file /etc/dsbk.conf which contains the following line.

I then gave root rwx of both of these files.

Then I created a folder under root called dsbk.

The cronjob I eventually want is below which would run a backup M-F at 2AM.
00 2 * * 1-5 dsbk backup -f /root/dsbk/ed3.db -l /root/dsbk/ed3.log -t -b

If I type the below line via terminal it runs fine.
dsbk backup -f /root/dsbk/ed3.db -l /root/dsbk/ed3.log -t -b

I edit crontab via terminal and typing
crontab -e

For a test I entered the below line of code which basically creates a
text file every 5 min just to prove crontab is working. The job ran
fine and created the test file.
*/5 * * * * touch /tmp/cron.running

For my next test I modified the code to run backup of edirectory every 5
*/5 * * * * dsbk backup -f /root/dsbk/ed3.db -l /root/dsbk/ed3.log -t -b

The error I got was "no such file or directory."

I changed my code to that below thinking I needed to put the file
*/5 * * * * dsbk.conf backup -f /root/dsbk/ed3.db -l /root/dsbk/ed3.log
-t -b

The error I then got was
/root/dsbk.command: line 1: backup: command not found

Any ideas what I am doing wrong here?