I have 3x Node OES2-Linux Cluster (SLES10SP1,OES2 Patch-Level 10-2008) and 2x NW6.5 SP5 boxes with SLPDA.NLM in mixed tree.
The OES2-Linux Nodes send the slp-registration to the NW6.5 DAs.
All works fine, the physical cluster nodes and the virtual cluster nodes have bindery.novell slp entries.

If I change the slp.conf on one cluster node and restart SLP daemon with "rcslpd restart" I lost all the slp bindery.novell from that one physical and the hosted virtual cluster resources.

I wait for 10 Min - no change in slp, and then i migrate the virtual cluster resource to other node, and i check with "slptool", the slp info for this resource come back.

I try restart the eDir on that node with "rcndsd restart" but no change in slp services, at the end i restart this cluster node. This fix my slp problem.

Question:How to safely restart the slpd?

This is a example of my /etc/slp.conf

net.slp.useScopes = SRV-SCOPE
net.slp.DAAddresses =, (this are the NW-DAs)
net.slp.isBroadcastOnly = false
net.slp.interfaces = (this is eth0)

Thanks for Help