We are moving our Internet connection from our main HO to a branch
which is in a different context and across a WAN link, which means I
have to
move the BM server to the new connection point!!

1. How do I move a NW6sp2 server with BM3.7sp1 from one
container/context to
another container/context in the same tree which is across a WAN link?

2. Can the move be done after the connection has been moved, which
will mean
no Internet connection until the BM server is up and running.
3. Or do I install a 2nd connection to the branch office, install a
NW6/BM37 server and migrate all existing services across before
the existing link at the HO.

Option 2 means I can keep my existing IP addressing scheme which is
good but
looks to be more risky and disruptive.
Option 3 means new IP addresssing scheme which needs to be included in
current web access configurations but seems the less risky option. It
means more hardware, licences etc so is more expensive.

Any help/thoughts appreciated.