I set up ZCM with latest updates on a new OES2 vm so I can quickly test imaging speed on an equallogic san. The zmg file is on an nss partition, and I'm having no problem accessing the new nss volume through the Novell windows client.

I've been imaging from a zcm 10 CD in our current environment (NW 6.5 with zen 6.5) for several months, but I got an error message "could not connect to preboot server", although I could ping it. I downloaded the newest bootcd iso and set up the settings file, but still no luck. I turned off the firewall temporarily and have made sure the pbserv is running. Also, I had to use ports 81 and 444, but I updated the pbserv conf file as suggested. I can ping NOVELL: Worldwide, so dns is working.

What else do I need to do to get this working? Thanks.