Okay. We've all read articles about ISPs who are going to start charging customers if they go over a certain amount of data downloaded per month. I read recently that one "provider" wants to charge if customers exceed 150GB per month. Another wasn't going to charge until after 250GB per month.

Here's my take on this:
What it boils down to is that for years ISPs have been overselling their bandwidth and didn't have a fast enough upstream connection to support it. Now that everyone's in a "speed war" over how much they can provide the end user they're getting exposed for what they've been doing for years. Rather than doing the right thing, they're claiming some customers are "hogs" and want to charge them more. In my opinion, that's just not right!

If I want to download the latest ISO, stream internet radio, and watch a webcam of the local road conditions all at the same time, that's MY business!

I'm paying for 768K. That means that I should get 768K for every moment for the entire month. After all, I'm paying for an entire month's worth of service at 768K! If they don't want to provide the inbound bandwidth necessary to support it, then they shouldn't sell me service!

What's your opinion?