I have upgraded our other 2 servers to nw6sp3 with ds8.7.0.4. Our BM
is at nw5.1sp5 ds8.6.2 bm3.7sp2. I am having trouble with new
connecting to the internet through Bordermanager. I plan to upgrade
the BM
server soon. Would the following steps be the way to go:

Install NW6SP3 with the overlay CD
Install DS8.7.0.4
Install TCP607J.EXE
Reinstall BorderManager 3.7 (Is this necessary?)
Reinstall BM37SP2.EXE
Reinstall CPFILTER.NLM from SurfControl

We are not using RADIUS or VPN at this time.

Also, when I currently try to go to bordermanager setup in nwadmin it
me the following error:

The NDS schema cannot be extended. NDS error -659.

Will this most likely be fixed when I upgrade the Bordermanager