I am trying to setup Pure FTP as a central FTP server for my IT department on our new OES 2 server.

The way I hoped it could work is as follows:

1.) Authentication against eDirectory
2.) Use /media/nss/FTP (NSS Volume) as default directory

Unfortunately, the only information I can get on how to force these user connections to the /media/nss/FTP directory is by changing the home directory in their eDir accounts to match /media/nss/FTP

That would be fine, BUT, these accounts are used by us to administer OES 2 Linux servers via PuTTY, and by changing that home directory value, we break our ability to authentication via PuTTY / SSH.

Any suggestions at all? I want to avoid anonymous access at all costs.

Can VSFTPD be used successfully with eDirectory authentication?