Okay - so what I'd really like to be able to do is have a Web photo gallery
that will just read directly from a directory on the server rather than
having to add photos to the album. I don't believe this is possible.
Here's my beefs with Gallery - and maybe someone who knows it better than I
do will have some solutions:

1. There are multiple people in our house who have photos that can/should
be in our family photo album. Not all of them are all that interested in
dealing with Gallery. My husband uses Photoshop Elements, my kids use who
knows what <g>.

2. There are snapins to Gallery for various products that allow you to
publish to Gallery, but they seem to assume that you keep your photos
somewhere other than the server where Gallery is actually running, and thus,
they are duplicative. I.e., my Aperture snapin allows me to publish photos
to albums, but the photos are already on the same server - it adds them to
another directory on the server!

3. In Gallery itself you can chose to only "link" to photos in a directory
that the Web Server has access to, and I've done that myself when I created
my photo albums, but none of the other people in the group will remember to
do that, so we'll have the photos on the same server twice if they just
"add" photos to the web gallery.

It would be really nice if I could just have everyone sort their photos into
directories on the network that represent their "albums" and have the
program suck those in <g>. I know - I'm probably dreaming!

But I somehow destroyed my old Gallery setup when I had my wwwrun user
suddenly lose it's LUM attributes, and I think I have to reinstall over the
top. If I'm going to do that, I want to see if there are alternatives

Time to upgrade to GW8!