Our Win XP workstations are configured for PXE boot.
When they boot, they are getting 2 addresses/leases from the DHCP server.
One for the PXE request, and one for the Windows boot.
Since our OES Linux DHCP server is giving each PC 2 addresses, it is causing us to run out of available addresses. The only workaround at this time is to set the lease time very short(1 hour), so the PXE leases expire.
Setting the "one-lease-per-client" and "deny duplicates" options makes no difference. I had read that because the PXE DHCP request contains no host/uid info, and the wndows request, does, the DHCP server treats them as separate clients, therefore it gives out 2 addresses.
Is there a DHCPD setting or some other workaround that can be set to prevent the server from handing out 2 addresses to the same MAC?
We really dont want to have to visit each PC to disable PXE boot.