Hello I was posted in another forum that I was unable to successfully

save filters. So I found a TID(10080403) That had the process to
recreate the default filters. I decided since I was going to have to recreate the filters I would Delete My NICs and redo them so they
have a freindlier name. Sounds Good but I really messed it up. Now
I Run BRDCFG it says that it cannot create the filters successfully.
I checked the logger screen and seen lots of -659 errors looked them
and it said timesync is not working. Checked NDS and it wasn't. I ran

dsrepair and got another error -634 Could Not Find A Net Address For This Server. It had these errors on a server that was on a wan link
was down recently. I also had these errors on servers in the DMZ. I
redid the cards in INETCFG, do i need to get change anything else?