We experienced the mapping error 8884 as of TID 10095000. So we applied
the settings that TID 10095000 specifies:

Bad Address Cache Timeout=0
Bad Server Name Cache Enabled=Off

The bad side effect is, that we faced problems with the ERP system:

When opening RTF documents from the SMB share on that SLES9, traces
showed, that the WS tries to access that SMB share through NCP. These
NCP packets were answered with [RST] packets by the server tens of
times, til finally the RTF was pulled through SBM.

Opening such RTF files takes 10+ seconds with the ...
Bad Address Cache Timeout=0, Bad Server Name Cache Enabled=Off
.... without it's less than a second including winword startup.

Is it normal, that this NWClient Settings affect SMB shares that way?

Well, turned bad name cache on again, timeout=40, waiting to see, if
the sporadic 8884 errors will return now ;-)

Regards, Rudi.

Slow access to SMB shares
NCP used missused to access files SMB CIFS SLES
Bad Address Cache Timeout 0 off
Bad Server Name Cache Enabled 0