Does anyone here celebrate, or at least observe, Festivus?

Here in Madison (WI) there has been a debate swirling around the Capitol. Being the home base of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, and following their threat of a lawsuit of many years ago, our state capitol's evergreen that is put in place every November is no longer called a Christmas Tree, in keeping with their belief that it violates the separation of church and State.

For the last 15 years or so it's been called a Holiday Tree. This year when my family went to view it I noticed it's simply called the State Capitol Tree. Standing in the rotunda is a 2'x3' sign by the Freedom From Religion people stating their non-beliefs. There are three others, put in by various organizations, stating their religious beliefs.

This year I thought it would be funny to purchase and erect a Festivus pole in the rotunda, complete with explanatory plaque. What do you think?